For Creators


A Live Streaming Music Community
for Creators and Their True Fans.
We call them Circles.

The time has come for Creators to stop giving away their IP to social media for free.

By providing exclusive content, community and insight into your creative process, your most passionate fans will support these efforts via a monthly membership.

How it works?


Sign Up & set up your Creator Manager Profile


Create your Circle (this is your private membership community)


Dashboard has your Stream Code & upload for archived videos, mixes and podcasts


Schedule future shows & series from your Creator Profile


Invite your fans. Promote your Circle on social & directly via text, email…

(as will we)


Engage with fans via Live Chat & on the Feed. They are here for access to you! 



Get Paid

(80% of tips & subscriptions)


The All-In-One Music Platform

Community Membership Live Streaming Platform

Easily set up a complete social community (we call them Circles) combined with the best live streaming technology currently available. We give you all the tools to manage your page, interact with your fans via live chat, messaging, and notifications, and easily accept monthly subscriptions and tips.

Audio Quality

We select our video player partners to provide the Highest Quality Audio possible at 320 Kbps as long as your upload speed is 6.5 Mbps to 10 Mbps or  better. 2x the broadcast quality of FB, Twitch, Insta, Twitter, etc. which are all between 96Kbps to 160Kbps and most are at 128Kbps.

Highest Payout

We will pay you 80% of revenues that are generated after merchant services fees. We use PayPal to collect and pay you. We will pay Creators via PayPal within 14 days after we are paid by the merchant (usually within 1 week).

Subscription Service

Swap “Likes” for money. Subscriptions provide you with a stable, recurring income stream. 


We recommend 3 Tiers – $2 Basic, $10 Grateful and $20 Angel. 30% of our members pay the higher tiers at an average price of $11. Pricing can be customized. 



1,000 fans at this pricing will earn you over $8,000 / month or $96,000 / year. 5,000 members over $500,000 / year.


Fan Acquisition and Membership Marketing Support

The monad Fan Acquisition and Membership Team will help you migrate your fanbase to your circle for $0 up front money (we pay ourselves back from your membership revenues).  

We often generate 20% to 30% conversion rates to paid members from our marketing campaigns. So if you have 5,000 fans on social media with a consistent marketing effort, you too could end up with 1,000 paying members.

Of course simple direct marketing to your fans via email, texts, social media and word of mouth can be extremely effective.

Contact for more information.

Live Stream Production Expertise

We have some of the world’s greatest audio and video producers and engineers on our team to help you get started or that can advise on more sophisticated programming and set ups including:


Content, cameras, green screens, lighting, audio, simulcasts….

Creator FAQ

Consistent, Weekly Programming

  • Including live streaming performances for your Members
  • access to recorded shows and
  • fan engagement generates the best Results.

Share your knowledge and creative process with those that love your music

Engage with fans via status updates, timeline posts, blogs, email and forums.

Host discussions with guests, collaborators and fans from around the world!

It Doesn’t Have to be All Music All the Time – Think about the things you like to do and the reactions you have received from fans for these posts over the years. Just share them with your most supportive fans within your Circle and they will show their appreciation. Let your imagination run free!

  • All Access Pass” for additional programming and content including more intimate, limited events such as
  • “After Hours Parties,”
  • “Green Room” Invites,
  • Q&A, Live Chats and
  • “green screen” performances.

Clearly the place to start. While all social media platforms will severely restrict the number of followers that see your posts (often less than 1%), consistent sharing of upcoming shows and content will, over time, increase your member base. And once you have them, they’re yours forever as we will share your fan data with you including email addresses.