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Welcome to monad - Join a Circle

A Live Streaming Music Community for Creators and Their True Fans.
We Call them Circles.
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An Audio/Visual Music Experience
An Audio/Visual Music Experience An intimate, safe, fun and authentic home for our fans and creators.

Livestream, VOD, Audio Player, Live Chat, Feed, Tipping, Photos, Discussion Forums, Show Schedules, RSVP...
Welcome to a monad Circle Welcome to a monad Circle
Welcome to a monad Circle The joy of a shared music experience between creators and their true fans.

Plus the gratification of knowing that $.80 of every $1 of your support goes directly to your favorite Creator (compared to $.0007 to $.007 from streaming services like YouTube and Spotify. 100x to 1,000x increase in earnings).
Highest Quality Audio & Video Exclusive Access & Content
Highest Quality Audio & Video Up to 1080p video quality and 320 Kpbs audio quality. 2x better broadcast quality than FB, Twitch, Insta, etc.

Live streams, archived videos, mixes, playlists, tracks and podcasts.
Exclusive Access & Content Highest Quality Audio & Video
Exclusive Access & Content Unprecedented access to your favorite Creators.

Live Chat, discuss and share stories and photos on the Feed in a private, intimate and safe environment.

See a side of many creators that they do not feel comfortable sharing on social media.
“The creator economy is in the midst of a decisive shift—from a “bigger is better,” ad-driven revenue model to one of niche communities and direct user-to-creator payment.”
Li Jin
andreessen horowitz
To be a successful creator you don’t need millions. You don’t need millions of dollars or millions of customers, millions of clients or millions of fans. To make a living as a craftsperson, photographer, musician,...entrepreneur, or inventor you need only thousands of true fans.
Kevin Kelley
Wired Magazine
“ Streaming services are not paying the bills. “
(International DJ, Producer, Label Owner
World #1 DJ by DJ Magazine 2000)
"The algorithm has killed the artist’s relationship with their true fans. I’ve made more money on monad.social in the last 30 days than I ever have on streaming services. Social media is fine for promotion, but I prefer to convert 'likes' into revenue through direct contact with my community.”
Igor Marijuan
(Ibiza DJ/Radio Personality)

Membership Benefits

Exclusive Content
Only found here. Live and archived shows, live chat, discussions, photos, feed posts, messaging

Social Livestreaming Community
Creators and fans actually talking to each other about music and life

Highest Audio Quality
At 320Kbps, experience music at 2x the clarity of Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram

Creator Support
The joy of knowing 80% of your membership is going directly to the creators

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