A Creator Economy Community, Web3 & Subscription Social Media Platform
Designed to Entertain, Educate, Communicate and Socialize
We Call Them Circles
An Intimate, Safe, Fun, Authentic Home for Creators and their Fans

Monad is a combination of Twitch + OnlyFans + Web3.

Designed for all the Creators that don’t fit squarely into video game or adult communities, their mindset or aesthetic. 

No trolls. No haters.

“The creator economy is in the midst of a decisive shift—from a “bigger is better,” ad-driven revenue model to one of niche communities and direct user-to-creator payment.
Li Jin
Andreessen Horowitz
The 1,000 True Fans Concept
To be a successful creator you don’t need millions. You don’t need millions of dollars or millions of customers, millions of clients or millions of fans. To make a living as a craftsperson, photographer, musician, designer, author, animator, app maker, entrepreneur, or inventor you need only thousands of true fans.
Kevin Kelley
Wired Magazine
"The algorithm has killed the artist’s relationship with their true fans. I’ve made more money on monad.social in the last 30 days than I ever have on streaming services.
Social media is fine for promotion, but I prefer to convert 'likes' into revenue through direct contact with my community.
Igor Marijuan
Ibiza DJ, Radio Personality
A Circle is a Virtual Venue For a Creator and their fans to have a social experience around live streamed and archived content. This content is behind a paywall. Revenue is generated by fans subscribing, tipping and purchasing NFTs. 80% of this revenue goes to the Creator.

Monad continues to add monetization options via Web3 tools that will be fun for fans and financially beneficial to Creators.
Monad Gives Creators Control & Money in their Pockets with Web3 Tip by buying NFTs and PoAP ticket stubs live now.

Soon a world's first Virtual Dance Floor! You will earn $monad tokens by dancing along with live shows. $monads will be used to buy NFTs and tip Creators.

Followed by a DAO that will also put control into the hands of fans for the benefit of Creators.
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The Power of the Monad Creator Network
The Power of a Creator Network Direct fan support, both financial and emotional, is meaningful in a way that a Spotify subscription is not.

This interaction motivates creators, and facilitates more fan support which, in turn, stimulates more content and creativity.

Beautifully inspirational!
Supporting Artistic and Creative Endeavors We are the dreamers of the dreams.

Complete flexibility (well almost 😉 ) for the community to express itself as it sees fit within its own culture.

Customizable Stickers, GIFs, JPGs and of course unique or original series of NFTs. This art can also be used to encourage tips by turning them into NFTs.
Highest Quality Audio & Video for Your Content Why settle for less? It's your art.
320 Kpbs audio quality - 2x better broadcast quality than FB, Twitch, Insta, etc. Up to 1080p video quality.

Formats including: Live streams, archived or recorded shows and videos, mixes, playlists, tracks and podcasts.

Membership Benefits

Exclusive Content
Only found here.

Live and recorded shows, chat, NFTs/PoAPs, photos, social feed live now. DAO and $monad tokens next!

Social Livestreaming Community

Exceptional, intimate access.

First of its kind Virtual Dancefloor coming soon!

Highest Audio Video Quality
At 320Kbps, experience music at 2x the clarity of Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram. 1080p Video.

Creator Support

The joy of knowing 80% of your membership is going directly to the creators.


Mutually inspiring!