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A Membership Based New Model Fan Club - We call them Circles


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For all creators - we invite you to
create your own circle. Then invite
your circles of friends and their circles...

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For Fans looking for a closer virtual connection through exclusive content, live performances, access and engagement.

Power to the Artists, Joy to the Fans​

We believe in taking out the friction between artists and their own fans.

Community Membership Live Streaming Platform

A complete social media platform with all the tools and features you have become accustomed to including all membership services and access to the best live streaming technology currently available.

Highest Audio Quality

320 Kbps with a good internet connection. Better than FB, Twitch, Insta, Twitter, etc. which are all between 96Kbps to 160Kbps and most are at 128Kbps.

Exclusive Content

That will only be found here included with membership – Nowhere else on social media!

Additional Benefits Of Joining monad

Fans and Creators engaging via status updates, timeline posts, blogs, email and forums.

All live streamed shows are recorded and available for viewing by members.

Members participate in discussions with Creators, guests, collaborators and other fans from around the world!

Badges and Rewards for member participation

Upcoming show notifications will automatically be posted to fan timeline feeds and via email.