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The Zoo Project
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The Zoo Project is a very special daytime open-air gathering taking place in the beautiful gardens of Benimussa Park at Gala Night, the old abandoned zoo in the forest hills of Benimussa, Ibiza.

This is a new space for music enjoyment which will bring Zoo Project to your home. Starting with premieres of our DJ’s in action recorded live in previous editions and soon live.

We will start soon every Saturday. The Zoo crew invites friends and family to come and celebrate life and music like nowhere else. Every week offers a first-rate selection of revered guest artists and of course, a lovely helping of The Zoo Project’s very own beloved artists.
The Zoo Project is a place where we are all equal – whoever you are & wherever you come from – we are all one, communicating and expressing ourselves through music and dance. It’s a place where you can lose yourself and find yourself all over again in an instant, set to an unforgettable soundtrack.
Saturdays bring you the original Zoo Project event now famous the world over since 2007.
Create Your Own Culture!
Love Music, Love Family, Love Zoo! See Less


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