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Welcome to my Circle.

I’ve left my circle open for you, to discover the boundaries of monad. My space for creativity, connections and music.

I have shifted my focus to monad, so i really want you all to listen and watch me here and not anymore at the standard social media, where i will be streaming teasers in lower quality.

The content I’m creating here is customized for my fans, so please share any suggestions of content that might be interesting to you & I will make it happen.

Events that are already happening are:

– 1 or 2 live video streams a week with a variety of mixes and videos.

Including an extended version of Ibiza Flight Club with tracklist and downloadable mixes only for subscribers in my discussion forums.
And videos of tips and tricks about working in the music industry, based on my knowledge and how I developed my taste for the music in Ibiza.


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