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Welcome to my new live streaming community at!!

We will talk about music, listen to music and get a deeper connection with me.

I will be doing at least 3 exclusive live shows / week where we can chat in real time. All live shows are archived so you can watch any time. Also I will upload some exclusive content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Mondays: Technokitchen (weekly)

I will show how I organise my folders and my promos selection every week

Wednesdays: E-Body Music- London (weekly)

Special Sets with the best Electronic Body Music, Electro and Industrial

Sundays: Listen Promos With Me! (weekly)

Let’s have some party time.

Sundays: RELA-X-Undays (monthly)

Ambient and Chill Jam Sessions Live with Roland Instruments

So, I hope you will consider supporting the music scene by subscribing to my Cristian Varela circle for 5US $ /month

Thanks for joining my circle of friends.

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