Appreciation for Behrouz
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Appreciation for Behrouz
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Dear Community of friends and music lovers .
As you all now know how dear friend Behrouz suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke on April 24th this year
Since then he has been hospitalized and suffered a second stroke beginning of August
The whole journey has been extremely difficult for him and his family. As a result of this unforeseen medical trauma, Behrouz is experiencing some common but debilitating stroke effects and his family is struggling to deal with the second stroke and the unforeseen setbacks it will have on his prior progress.
We would like to assist Behrouz and his family with medical bills for his multiple hospital stays and related treatments and rehab that are crucial to restoring his health and independence.
For this reason We want to create a serie of events “ appreciation for Behrouz” around the world and involved the music community from promoters to artists with their support and generate more funding to assist the extreme expensive cost of hospital and rehabilitation and help Behrouz and his family through this extremely challenging situation.
Behrouz is well know for spreading the Love around him, a wonderful man, husband, father, brother and artist so let’s give him back some of this love and make sure that he will be soon back on his feet
We start with this fundraising for our brother Behrouz at La Dalias / Akasha next Thursday October 6th
All the funds will go to Behrouz and Megan to help them into the long recovery and costy rehabilitation so we really would love to see you all there and also spread the word to your friends as every little help counts 🙏
We will start the event outside from 6 pm and move into Akasha club from midnight till 5AM.
With Love & Gratitude 🙏❤️

Las Dalias garden:
18:00 Sena
18:30 Emotional Tourist
19:30 Guy Laliberte
20:30 Anstascia
21:30 Cassy
22:30 Sasha
23:30 Bodaishin & Bohem
24:30 Igor Marijuan
1:30 Unders
2:30 Tooker (KMLN)
3:45 Safar


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