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Welcome to our circle where you will find 2 live shows a week (Monday and Wednesday) at 7PM CET with a chat with a DJ followed by an epic set recorded live at any Pareidolia event around the globe.

We offer subscription 3 tiers including a welcome subscription of one month for free and then 2$/month.

Thanks for following and subscribing. Without you We couldn’t think of keep on doing events in a nearly future.

We will see Behrouz, Roy Rosenfeld, Sasha, Oonah Dahl, Modd, Unders, Valentin Huedo, Squire and many others…

Gracias majos!

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Only found here. Live and archived shows, live chat, discussions, photos, feed posts, messaging

Social Livestreaming Community

Creators and fans actually talking to each other about music and life

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At 320Kbps, experience music at 2x the clarity of Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram

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The joy of knowing 80% of your membership is going directly to the creators